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A Quarterly Newsletter From GODWINS School, Guwahati

Volumn I Issue IV June 2010

The issue of the fourth edition of The Lens followed by a warm response has been a source of inspiration. A sustained effort is being made to improve the quality. We earnestly hope that this edition will receive a warmer response and greater acceptance among the students for whom it is meant. We express our profound gratitude to our generous readers and look forward for their kind suggestion for further improvement of The Lens. With great delight, an ample chance is given to every pupil to express his or her writing skill with a positive hope that it will be approved admirably.


When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
When the road we are trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low, and the debts are high
We want to smile but we are bound to sigh.
When care is pressing us down a bit,
That is the tragedy of the world.
But we must not quit.
When the world is blushing at us
Do not give up though the pace seems slow.
Coz’ we may succeed with another blow.
Sometimes we may think that the world is at guess.
But just wake up! And see that “failure
Is the first stepping stone to success”





Life is a journey, Complete it.
Life is a book, Read it.
Life is a bliss, Test it.
Life is sorrow, Embrace it.
Life is a drama, Play it.
Life is beautiful, Accept it.
Life is full of fun, Enjoy it.
Life is what- you take for it.



One day, two colleagues, Himanshu and Punit were having their lunch together just then Himanshu started having hiccups. When Punit asked him the reason, he replied that it was due to his wife’s love. When his wife missed him a lot, he had loud hiccups.

Punit thought how lucky Himanshu was to have such a loving wife. He hurried back to his house and started scolding his wife for not missing him. Then he narrated to her the whole matter. His wife understood where the problem was.

Next day, she mixed a lot of chilli powder in the lunch. When Punit sat down to eat, he had hiccups. He thought, “oh dear! Don’t miss me so much.” Himanshu laughed seeing Punit’s condition.




Rabindranath Tagore

Rabindranath Tagore was born in Kolkata on May 6, 1861. He was the youngest son in the family of seven brothers and three sisters. The Tagores of Kolkata were greateducationists and social reformers. The poet’s father Maharshi Debendranath Tagore devoted himself to spiritual teachings. His mother died when he was young.
When he was a child he wanted to go to school with his brothers. But later on he finds the school education boring. He was not a promising student. He did not like to sit in the classroom and thought as if he was in jail. He left school and studied at home under able tutors. At the age of seventeen he went to London for a year to study law. But he was home sick and returned home. He wrote poems, short stories, novels and essays. In 1913 he was awarded Nobel prize for literature for his Gitanjali.

He loved songs. He wanted his poems to be sung as songs. Our late Prime Minister Indira Gandhi loved his song “Ekla Cholo”. He wrote our national anthem, “Jana Gana Mana”. He started a school at Shantiniketen. He wanted to revive our ancient system of education. He loved his country and his countrymen. He took part in the freedom movement of India. He felt very sad at the partition of Bengal in 1905.

He continued writing at his old age also. The great poet of India breathed his last breath on August 7, 1941 at his Jorasanko Residence in Kolkata.



What kind of tiles you can’t stick on wall ?

Ans: Reptiles.

What kind of bull does not have horns ?

Ans: A bull frog

What is the quickest way to double your money ?

Ans: Fold it in half.

Name the no. Which can eat 9 ?

Ans: The no. Is 7 because 7 eight (ate) 9.

In which month do monkeys play baseball ?

Ans: Ape-ril

Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly ?

Ans: Incorrectly.

Why is Russia a very fast country ?

Ans: Because the people are always Russian.

Which is the strongest bird?Ans:A Crane


question answer


How beautiful is the nature ?
The beauty of the rising sun
The beauty of the flowing river
The winging of the imprisoned bird
The beauty of hills and plains
It provides us many beautiful creatures
How beautiful is the nature ?



A school can show immense progress under the cooperation of the school authority, its teachers and of course the efforts of its students.Godwins school is also trying to bring some improvement in every possible aspect. There has been rapid development in the field of sports, in the school building, in the academic field etc. The school has further extended its efficiency by introducing computer skills, laboratory classes, library classes, yoga for all, martial arts for the students etc. Not only this, the school building has also been beautified for fascination.The school brings to the forefront its qualified teachers who make sure that they escort their students in every possible way. In the field of art and craft, the school has shown tremendous development. New singing and dancing classes have been introduced to its students. It ensures refreshment to the students after the week’s classes. It provides the chance to the students for development in different fields. The school also provides regular opportunities to its students for participation in different programmes like quiz, debates, group discussions, art competition drama etc.

This efficient effort of the school wears out the latent virtues of the students and brings them an all round development. This has been made possible only due to the encouragement of the school authority, and the enthusiastic effort of the qualified teachers and last but not the least, the cooperation of its students.


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solar system
Which planet is often called earth’s sister planet ?

Venus is sometimes called earth’s sister planet as the two are similar in size and bulk composition. Venus has the densest atmosphere of the terrestrial plants, consisting mostly of carbon dioxide and the atmosphere pressure at the planet’s surface is 90 times that of the earth. Venus is the second closest planet to the sun, orbiting it every 224.7 earth days. After earth’s moon, it is the brightest object in the sky, reaching an apparent magnitude of 4.6, Venus reaches its maximum brightness shortly before sunrise or shortly after sunset, and is often referred to as the morning or evening star. Moreover, in contrast to the constant crystal movement seen on earth, Venus is thought to undergo periodic episodes of tectonic plates in which the crust is subdued rapidly within a few million years separated by stable period of a few hundred million years.



Have you ever wondered ?
How beautiful is the sunset ?
When the birds return to their nests!
And take time to rest,
A beautiful sight that all can see.
Is the sun dropping into the sea ?
How beautiful is sight!
It is quite the best
To see the sun in the west
It is really a great fun.
To watch the setting sun.





Teeming with wildlife from shrimps to sharks, coral reefs are some the most beautiful underwater structures. A coral reef takes thousands of years to form; it is composed of the living and deals skeletons of colonies of tiny animals called corals. Corals have flourished and built reefs in shallow, tropical seas for more than 440 million years. Corals are related to sea anemones and jelly fish, and belong to the group of animals called coelenterates. Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is 2,000 km (1,240 miles) in length but is under serious threat from increased pollution.



 Mr. Balraj Singha

 Mrs. Meghali Sinha

 Miss. Trishna Changkakati


 Suman Biswas (IX)

 Neha Misra (IX)

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