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Message from Principal

At the outset, I wish my students all the best in life. I urge them to be hardworking and sincere in their efforts. Life is a continuous process of learning and doing. Therefore, we should all be prepared to face the challenges posed by various situations and circumstances in life. We ought to equip ourselves with good ideas and habits so that we can face and respond to difficult situations in our life and turn them in our favour.

I would suggest to my students to read books and write as well. They should strike a balance between reading and writing. Writing is an effective means of self-expression and communication. It helps students assess and recognize their linguistic abilities and nurtures a sense of confidence and understanding.

I express love for my students and wish that they do well and contribute to the goodness of the world. These days I get to hear on the radio a punch line which probably goes as "United by halves..." aired by one of the FM stations in Guwahati. So, my dear students, in your case it should mean that as your parents have gifted you with a life and its time now you gift them something in life by being good. Probably, this could be a meaning of "United by halves..." in your case as students. Be good and spread goodness. Goodness begets goodness.


Mr. Balraj Singha